Sample Letters

Sample Letters

Welcome to best sample letters. On this site you will find sample letters ranging from thank letters, resignation letters, business letters, recommendation letters to resume cover letters and letters of intent.

Feel free to use letters for your personal purposes. But please do not use them for any commercial purpose.

Top Sample Letters
Resignation Letter
Letter of Recommendation
Resume Cover Letter
Thank You Letter
Business Letter Format

Given below is the list of sample letters categories:

›› Business Letters
Sample business letters related to all business work like dealing with customers, business houses and personnel relation letters.

  1. Business to Business Letters
  2. Credit and Collection Letters
  3. Customer Relations and Service Letters
  4. Dealing with Vendors and Suppliers
  5. Internal Communication Letters
  6. Personnel Relation Letters
  7. Setting Up an Office
›› Consumer Letters
Sample letters for consumers while writing to business houses. Also include industry specific letters.
  1. Complaint and Praise Letters
  2. Consumer in Action
  3. Specific Industry Letters
›› E-mails
Information and sample emails. Sample email writing varying from business use to personal use.
  1. Business E-mails
  2. Consumer E-mails
  3. Personal E-mails
›› Employment Letters
Sample employment and education related letters, like after-the-interview letters, resume writing and writing cover letters.
  1. Education Letters
  2. Employment Letters
›› Finance Letters
Sample letters for financial aspects like credit, debt, financial problems, banking, insurance, mortgage, donations, rentals and many others.
  1. Debt and Credit Letters
  2. Financial Institution Letters
  3. Miscellaneous Letters
  4. Property Related Letters
›› Forms
Sample forms for many differnt uses. Like approval forms, invoices, evaluation forms, customer forms, bidding forms and money related forms.
  1. Business Related Forms
  2. Money Related Forms
  3. Miscellaneous Forms
›› Government Letters
Writing letters to government agencies like internal revenue service, congressman, president etc.
  1. Agencies and Official Letters
  2. The Power of the People
›› Legal Letters
Legal letters for money, rental, buying, selling, divorce, employment, claims, attorneys, contracts etc.
  1. Legal Asset Related Letters
  2. Legal Forms
  3. Personal Legal Letters
  4. Professional Legal Letters
›› Personal Letters
  1. Express Yourself
  2. Friends and Neighbour Letters
  3. Love Letters
  4. Occasions Related Letters
›› Press Release
  1. Business Press Release
  2. Community News Press Release
  3. Personal Press Release
›› Sales & Marketing Letters
  1. Appointment Setting & Follow-up letters
  2. Marketing Letters
  3. Prospecting & Lead Generation Letters
  4. Sales Administration Letters
  5. Sales Letters
›› Wacky Letters
  1. Annoying Letters
  2. Odd Letters
  3. Weird Things
›› Resume Samples & Cover Letters
For drafting professional resumes and cover letters, find below a vast collection of samples and writing tips.
  1. Collection of Accounting Resume
  2. Writing Tips for Student Resume
  3. Sample and Writing Tips of Entry Level Cover Letter