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Letter for Contacting Print Media About Business

This letter is used to contact newspaper or magazine to get them to investigate a business you feel has cheated you.

1234, Main Street
Boston, MA 02123

31 March, 2005

<Recipient Address Goes Here>


I am writing to you about <company/individual name>. <dealings with company/individual>. This kind of behavior is ridiculous and unprofessional, and I wanted to bring it to the attention of <publication name>.

I would like to see <publication name> investigate <publication name> and find out if <he/she/they> have made a regular practice of treating customers in this fashion. If so, you might have a powerful story on your hands. I think this would be an excellent way of publicizing this kind of unacceptable conduct and protecting consumers.

Please contact me if I can be of any help, or if you would like further information. Thank you, and keep up the good work!


Jim Karter

encl: <List of enclosed items goes here>

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