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Letter for Applying For Temporary Work

This e-mail is for someone who is looking for temporary work and contacting a temp agency.

The flexibility of temporary work is something I had never considered until I needed that kind of flexibility in my schedule. Now that I do, I'm very interested in finding out how to become part of the <name of temp agency> pool of talent. I have <time of experience> experience in <skill areas> and have worked for a number of companies large and small. I'm adaptable and have always been told that I have excellent <skills you've been told about> skills, which I imagine are a crucial part of fitting in as a temporary worker with any company. Temp work fits my needs at this time, and I think I could offer <name of temp agency> value in return.

Take a look at my attached resume, and if you like what you see, give me a call and let's talk further. Thanks for your time.

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