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Letter for Request To Be Included In Online Employment Directory

This e-mail is to contact the producer of an online employment directory to ask to be included in the job listings.

I would like to be included in your online employment listings. I feel that with more and more companies surfing the World Wide Web on a regular basis, it is in my best interest to make my presence known on this medium. I am a <your profession> by profession, with more than <years of experience> years experience. I have worked for companies such as <former employer or client> and have stayed ahead of the crowd in my technical and job skills. Now I am looking around for new opportunities, and I think your listings would be a huge asset. Please let me know what information you need to include me in your listings, and what cost there is to me, if any. I would like to be listed as soon as possible, so I would appreciate receiving such information at your earliest convenience. Thank you.

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