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This e-mail solicits business from frustrated computer users having problems they can't fix.

Ready to tear your computer from your desk and throw it out the window? I know the feeling. Until I learned how to repair many of the major hardware and software problems that can plague computers today, I reacted the same way when my PC had a glitch. But despite what you think, it's nothing personal. Computers are just dumb machines that have to be told what to do. That's where I come in. I'm <your name>, and I'm a professional computer consultant. I travel to the offices of professionals like you when you need help solving problems with your computer systems, or just need advice on what new computers and software to purchase.

If you're looking for advice before you buy, I sit down with you onsite and go over your needs, your network size, your software requirements, your growth projections, and so on. Then I do my homework and make targeted, specific recommendations on exactly what machines, applications, network connections and Internet services will work best for you. And if you're tearing your hair out over crashing machines and lost work, I can help. I'll examine your <computer systems you work on> system and determine what's wrong. If I can repair it myself, I will. If not, I'll give you your best service options. Simply put, I'll get you back to work as fast as possible. If you'd like some more information, send a reply message. I'll also give you a free onsite consultation so you can see that I'm as good as I say I am. E-mail me back soon. Before your computer crashes again.

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