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Letter for Sales Email Discount

This e-mail is a solicitation offering a discount for replying.

Perhaps you've heard of <company name> and our products. And perhaps you've wanted to purchase them, but thought they would be priced out of your reach. Well, now you don't have to worry about price, because we're offering you a discount just for reading this message. Simply reply to this e-mail with the words "Special Offer," and give us your name, and we'll give you a discount of 40% when you purchase <kind of products> from any of our stores. That's an extraordinary value for simply answering an e-mail message! And what's more, you'll be getting a product of peerless quality for your money. <company name> works to bring you the finest quality in materials, workmanship and service. Put it all together and you've got the company that's become one of <area you're in> leaders in <kind of products> sales. It's no accident. That's it.

There's not much more to say, except "What are you waiting for?" This discount offer ends <date of offer expiration> and is only valid for people who receive this message. So take advantage of a spectacular deal and e-mail us back with "Special Offer" in the message box. We'll take care of the rest. And thanks for doing business with <company name>!

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