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Letter for Sales Email Nearby Business

This e-mail is for a local business to let people know that it's just a short distance away.

It's funny how you can live in a place for years and never know about some of the people you share a city with, isn't it? For instance, did you know that <name of business> is just a short walk away from you? You may have seen us, but we don't see you enough. I'd love to change that. After all, we locals have to stick together! <name of business> has been in <location> for <years at location> years, serving the needs of the entire community. We've been part of local business fairs, contributed to local charities, supported the arts and the schools, and much more. We're really a part of this community, and we love it. Now we'd like to be a small part of your life. Come by and mention that you received this e-mail, and we'll give you <% discount> off on any purchase you make that day. It's our way of saying "Thanks!" for stopping by and "Welcome!" to the world of <name of business>. We think that once you come by and see that we offer everything you need just around the corner, you'll come back again and again. We look forward to seeing you. Thanks!

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