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This e-mail is for contacting other businesses to get them to advertise on a specific World Wide Web site.

Have you ever thought about advertising your business on the World Wide Web? And have you cringed at the thought of paying thousands for a banner ad on a site like Yahoo? Well, now I can offer you a new alternative on my Website, <site name>, and <site URL>. <site name> is a popular Web location which gives users a wide range of <description of site content>. It's well-designed, has received excellent notices from such Web review services as <Web review service names>, and averages a healthy <average number of hits> a month.

Now I would like to offer you a great deal to advertise your business on <site name>. What makes this offer different? First of all, the price. You'll receive your ad for a fee of <advertising fee>, much less than other sites offering comparable traffic, and based solely on the number of users who click on your ad and access your site. Second, we'll track user access of your site through your ad, giving you a clear idea of return on investment. Finally, we'll help you <additional services>, all for no additional fee. Advertising on <site name> is the best way to get the most for your Web advertising dollar. So if you'd like to get the most from the Web, send us a reply and we'll e-mail you all the relevant information about fees, terms and setup. Then we'll work together to make your business an even greater success.

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