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Letter for Polite Notice To Stop Spam

This e-mail is a response to a previous e-mail, where you responded to an online solicitation with the "Remove" message, a common option, and are still receiving e-mail.

In your recent e-mail advertisement, you specified that if I simply sent a return message with the word "Remove" typed into the message field, I would be taken off your mailing list and would receive no further e-mail solicitations. I sent the message, but for some reason I am still receiving regular junk e-mail from you. I have neither the time nor the interest to respond to this "spam" mail, and it does little more than clutter my mailbox. I appreciate your need to advertise and sell your product, but I would appreciate it more if you removed me from your e-mail list IMMEDIATELY. Thank you for your understanding and respect for my privacy and my time. I trust this will be handled with no further communication from me.

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