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Letter for Angry Response To Censorious Email

This e-mail gives you the ammunition to respond when an online group flames you for expressing ideas they don't agree with.

How did the book burning go? Well, isn't that what intolerant jerks like yourself do when you don't agree with someone else's ideas? Oh, I see, you just send hateful, insulting e-mail telling that person what an idiot <he/she> is. As a matter of fact, I got one of those e-mails from you not long ago. Well, here's my reply. The more you insult my intelligence, the more I'm going to be in your little corner of the Internet preaching my beliefs to your self-righteous little group. I'll bet that if I stick with it long enough, I can find somebody who at least is open minded enough to listen to me. And if I can find one, I can find another, and another, and...well, you get the picture. Thanks for putting more free-speech energy into me than I've felt in years. Whether you wanted someone to oppose your ideas or not, you got someone.

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