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Letter for Command To Stop Online Flaming Discussion

This e-mail gets right to the more insulting point, ordering someone to stop sending ridiculous messages to a chat room or Usenet group.

Are you brain damaged? Did you not get the idea from my last message asking you to stop sending your puerile, obnoxious messages to our group? Apparently, we can't appeal to your sense of decency and fair play, and we would never resort to threats, so let me just tell you this: We laugh at you. Your messages are the subject of ridicule and derision (that means we make fun of them). Your opinions are ripped apart and you're called unpleasant names by even the gentlest of us. Do you get the idea? If you think you're having an effect on our opinions or our minds, you're not. All you're doing is making a fool of yourself. If you want to continue sending us your asinine messages, there's nothing else we can do to stop you, other than to say that you're wasting your time. We don't listen, we never will, and I'll waste no more time e-mailing you.

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