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Letter for Educated Response To Flame

This e-mail is used to respond to an infantile "flame": an obnoxious, insulting e-mail message disagreeing with a viewpoint.

I read your Usenet posting about <posting subject>. Without question, yours is the most childish, unreasoned, absurd position on the topic I have ever read. Among intelligent people, debates are conducted with logic and civility, not insult and profanity. Your posting has all the hallmarks of a fanatic up on his soap box, preaching to the pigeons. If you are going to participate in the forum in the future, please learn something from the rest of us: reason, polite discourse and careful thought are the only kinds of behavior that will be tolerated in our group. If you can't master those disciplines, I suggest you find yourself another cadre of narrow-minded reactionaries to torture. Basically, smart up or stay out!

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