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Letter for Ordering Racist To Stay Out Of Online Discussion

This e-mail addresses a common problem online: racism. It tells a racist that he is not welcome in your chat room or newsgroup.

Free speech is one thing, but we simply won't tolerate your kind of hateful, racist remarks in our <type of forum>. The kind of ignorant venom that comes from your messages is offensive to everyone in the group, regardless of race. It shows you to be a person of little intelligence and pathetic self-esteem. From this point on, keep your disgusting racist views to yourself. If you want to rant about the <slandered ethnic group> to your fellow bigots, that's your right. We don't want it here. If I see any further messages from you, I'll do my best to see that you're cut off from participating in <name of newsgroup or chat room>. You have my pity and my sympathy.

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