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Letter for Request To Stop Using Profanity

This e-mail requests a visitor to a chat room or Usenet group to stop using profanity in online messages or postings.

<kind of forum> like <newsgroup or chat room name> are frequently home to plenty of conflicting ideas, and sometimes the conversation gets a little heated. But since we're all adults and we try to be civil about things, we make a real effort to avoid using profanity. Your last participation was filled with four-letter words, and I'd like that to stop. I trust that you're an intelligent person and have more sophisticated ways of expressing yourself than blue language. We would love to have you continue as part of our <kind of forum>, but only if you tone down the language. The occasional "hell" or "damn" is fine if you're making a point, but we draw the line at the rest. Thanks for cooperating. We look forward to your participation next time.

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