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Letter for Response To Flame About Recent Message

This e-mail is for responding to a flame that occurred when you weighed in with an opinion online. If you got back a message that ripped you apart, this is a strong reply.

I always thought the Internet was supposed to be a place for expression of ideas, no matter what they are! Boy, I guess I was wrong! Your flame e-mail message of <time of flame> was an overreaction. I was shocked to find such an angry message in my mailbox, and I'm still not sure what I did to warrant it. If you or someone else in the group didn't agree with what I said about <subject of discussion>. I respect that. Tell me so, and let's talk. Maybe you can change my mind. But don't go sending me such vicious e-mails as if I was advocating burning the Constitution! It's unnecessary and rude. You may want to respond and rethink your tone. Go ahead. But I won't be returning to your <type of forum>. I'm sure I can find others more open to ideas that don't agree with theirs.

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