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Letter for Response To Religious Flame

This e-mail replies to an e-mailer who's been sending hardcore religious messages to a newsgroup or chat room.

We all appreciate how important religion is in some people's lives. Heck, some of us in our little group even subscribe to the stuff ourselves! But it's a personal issue, and no e-mail message, tract or Usenet posting is going to change anybody's views about God. So would you please stop pestering us with your endless religious messages? I, for one, am thrilled that you have found God. I hope your faith enriches your life and gives you something to do on Sundays. But I don't want to hear about it! None of us wants to hear about how God is the real reason behind <debate topic>, and none of us wants to be told how we're going to Hell unless we believe what you believe! Got it? You have every right to preach to an audience, whether it's in church or on the Internet. But we have the right to tell you to stick a sock in it. And that's what we're doing. Stop sending us your religious messages.

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