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Letter for Thank You For Civilized Flame

This e-mail thanks a fellow Netizen for disagreeing with you in a civilized, polite fashion.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive from you what would be called by many Netizens a "flame". I was surprised that even though you didn't agree with my ideas or my opinions about <subject of debate> you told me so in a mannered, intelligent, classy way. In an era of incredibly rude, vulgar e-mails sent by equally rude, vulgar people, your "flame" was refreshing. I would love to debate with you more directly about this topic. It seems to me that you're an educated, quick-witted person who knows how to partake in civilized discourse, and I think we'd have a lot of fun going back and forth about the issues. Feel free to e-mail me with your opinions on <subject of debate> as a starting point. Thanks again for your polite message. I hope to enjoy skewering you (rhetorically, of course) very soon.

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