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Letter for I Love You

This e-mail is for someone who's too nervous to say those three earth-shaking words in person or even over the phone. Use this as the 21st century equivalent of a love letter.

I never expected to be saying this to someone over the Internet, and my heart's beating a mile a minute, but since I'm too nervous to say it to your face, I'll go ahead. I love you. I've loved you for <time being in love> and never had the courage to tell you, so I guess I'm writing you the 21st century version of a love letter to get this off my chest. You're on my mind all the time now. <feelings when you're alone>. I hope this doesn't sound weird or like I'm some wacko stalker, because I'm not. I'm just crazy about you and want you to know. I don't know if you have any feelings for me. For all I know you might think of me as some puppy dog who follows you around. But I wanted you to know how I feel, and if you do have any feelings for me, I hope you'll e-mail me back and say so. In the meantime, I'll just be climbing the walls. Love,

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