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Letter for Love At Distance

This e-mail is for lovers who are forced to be apart for a time.

No one has ever inspired in me the poetry that you do. Even though we've been together for <time you've been together>, I still tingle when I look at you, and think about you constantly when we're apart, as we are right now. I find it amazing that you still look at me the same way you did when we first met, and that you find it in your heart to love me the way that I love and cherish you. From <thing you adore about other person> to the way you hold your knife, as the Gershwin song says, everything you do makes me so grateful that we met. I can't wait to see you again. I can't call because hearing your voice makes me long to be with you. The Post Office is too slow. So I'm e-mailing to tell you I love you madly, and that I always will.

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