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Letter for Customer Demographic Survey

Give or send this form to prospects within your market to find out more about their income, buying habits, etc. This type of information can help you tailor your marketing and advertising efforts.

This customer survey will help <business name> learn more about you and develop better ways to satisfy your needs. Please fill it out completely, and return it in the enclosed envelope. Thank you.

Your Name:________________________________________

Your Address:______________________________________

Your Phone Number: (day) ______________ (evening) _______________

Number of people in your household: _________

Their ages: _________________

Your total household annual income (before taxation): $________________

Number of people in your household with a college education: ___________

Do you own <product of interest>? ___________

If yes, how many do you own? ___________

Amount of money you spend on <area of spending> per month: $_________

Would you be interested in receiving information about new products from <business name>?

Yes___ No___

Thank you for your time.

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