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Letter for Defendants Offer To Compromise

This letter offers all parties a compromise settlement in a legal case.



COMES NOW, defendant, <NAME OF DEFENDANT>, and offers to allow judgment to be entered and settle with plaintiff, <NAME OF PLAINTIFF>, in the total sum of <$amount you are offering>, each party bearing its own costs, attorney's fees and other expenses.

This offer to compromise shall be deemed withdrawn 30 days from the date of this offer, or the beginning of trial, whichever occurs first, if not accepted, in writing, within that 30 days.

The terms and conditions of this offer to compromise are that the offer must be accepted in writing within 30 days, and if accepted, the compromise and settlement will proceed by way of release and dismissal as opposed to entry of judgment.

If this offer to compromise is not accepted, and if the plaintiff fails to obtain a more favorable judgment, the plaintiff shall not recover <his/her/their> costs and shall pay this defendant's costs from the time of this offer. In addition, the court has discretion to require the plaintiff to pay this defendant's costs from the date of filing of the complaint and a reasonable sum to cover costs of services of expert witnesses, in preparation for trial of the case by defendant.

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