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Letter for I Want To Date Your Friend

This letter is for a tough situation: when you're dating someone but want to go out with a friend or relative of the person even more.

This is one of the most uncomfortable letters I've ever written, but I've got to do it sooner or later, and sooner is better. <name>, I really like you and I've had a lot of fun being with you, but there's a problem. I really want to go out with your <other person's relationship to reader> <name>. I know that sounds terrible, and you probably hate me. But I can't help how I feel. When I'm around <name>, I hardly pay any attention to you, and that's just not fair. I think about <name> all the time now, and I had to do something about it. Would you please ask <name> if <he/she> would call me? I know it's a lot of ask, but I consider you a friend and I'd be very grateful.

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