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Letter for Top Ten Things Overheard During The Supreme Court Debate Over The Communications Decency Act

This is a fun distraction to send or fax when you want to give someone a good laugh.

Top 10 Things Overheard During the Supreme Court Debate Over the Communications Decency Act:
10: How do you plug this thing in?
9: William, does RAM mean what I think it means?
8: Clarence, get your hand off my thigh or you're a dead man!
7: What the hell's a megabyte?
6: Okay, somebody find out how to spell "Pamela Anderson"
5: Can you actually do that in a chat room?
4: Oh, I remember decency!
3: Try!
2: Clarence, I warned you!
1: Let's send dirty e-mail to Anita Hill!

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